It's a fact that communities with beautiful parks with plants and landscaping tend to have less crime.  This is due in part to the effect that landscaped parks have on a community: they give people a reason to come together and become a tight-knit community.  When residents feel greater pride in the beauty of where they live, they are much less likely to detract from it (either by graffiti or endangering people within it).  Plants and landscaping play a role in the development of healthy communities in three distinct ways:

  1. By providing a physical condition or appearance that makes people proud to be considered part of the community and by enhancing the economic and social condition of the community;
  2. By providing opportunities for sharing of values, interests and commitments that open the door to friendly association and lead to further cooperation which has the impact of demonstrating the individual's ability to have control and responsibility for changes in the community;
  3. By providing a surrounding that is more comfortable physically in which to live and work.
Welcome to Sedro-Woolley by Jimmy Emerson (CC)

Welcome to Sedro-Woolley by Jimmy Emerson (CC)

*The physical condition of an area, be it a neighborhood or an office complex, provides a measure of the self-worth of the area, defines the value of the individuals within that area and projects that definition to outsiders.

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