Drip Irrigation - Saves Water & Better for Landscapes

We previously wrote about many water-saving techniques and now that we're in the middle of a very hot summer, it's the time to think about saving water in the landscape!

What is drip irrigation?

Rather than spraying water into the air, like a traditional irrigation head would, drip irrigation systems apply water directly to the root zone.  When you run your traditional irrigation system, you may see quite a bit of water being blown away by the wind.  In fact, studies show that anywhere from 50%-70% of water delivered by traditional spray heads is lost to evaporation or runoff.  But when a drip system is used, water is released slowly and steadily, so it's never wasted through evaporation or runoff.  Since the water is delivered directly to the plant’s root system, you can use less water, plus grow healthier plants.

Benefits of a Drip Irrigation System

  • Reduces water waste by up to 50%.
  • Prevents pest and disease issues since the water is delivered to the root zone instead of covering plant foliage.
  • Reduces water run-off and evaporation.
  • Encourages a good balance of water and oxygen in the soil.
  • Perfect for newly planted trees and shrubs in summer when they need more regular and consistent watering.
  • Waters plants slowly and deeply directly at the roots to reduce stress in extreme weather conditions such as our hot summers.
  • Versatile! Drip irrigation can be installed in flat or hilly areas.
  • You can water it all!  You can even add your container gardens onto your current drip irrigation lines, so no need to worry about them while on vacation.

We understand the importance of conserving water in landscape designs, such as choosing water-wise plants and integrating rain sensors into irrigation systems.  We have years of experience installing drip irrigations systems (from simple designs to the large and complex), as well as renovating older irrigation systems into a drip system.  Give Living Expression Landscapes a call if you're interested in a consultation.