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Magical Mini Fairy Gardens

A Fairy Garden is an adorable, miniature garden complete with structures and actual living plants that you set up in a container.  This imaginative blend of crafting and gardening has become quite popular, appealing to all kinds: young, old, male, female, and it's a great way to get kids involved in gardening too!   Some say it will even attract magical creatures like fairies and bring good luck to your home.  At least it's fun to pretend so! 

They are a wonderful way to enhance an outdoor OR indoor living space, and it's relatively inexpensive to build depending on your DIY attitude.  Just a touch of inspiration, a container, some plants and a few accessories are all it takes to get the magic of a fairy garden growing.  The design and components of are limited only by your imagination!:

  • The setting for a Fairy Garden can be anything from a bowl, to an old wheelbarrow, to a birdbath, to the base of a tree stump!  Just make sure to drill holes in the bottom of any containers to allow drainage for plants.
  • Before planting, gluing and otherwise setting up the garden, either sketch out where things will go on a piece of paper or position items loosely around the container. You'll quickly see whether you have too few or too many items as well as any other issues that might pop up.
  • Find accessories to implement in your Fairy Garden such as miniature cottages, birdbaths, watering cans, walkways made out of pebbles — anything precious and cute that might appeal to the fairies.  You don't have to go buy anything if you re-purpose things around the house.  For example you could turn a clam shell into a fairy pool or make a painted door or bridge out of Popsicle sticks.
  • Like any garden, what you plant should be based on what thrives in your area.  Think about if your container will have full sun all day, or will it be a bit damp and shaded?
  • Two inch baby plants can easily look like “miniature garden plants" because they are small and cute – for now.  Just wait a month or two....
  • Don't let a brown thumb scare you off.  creating your miniature garden can be as simple as sending the kids out to the garden to look for small plants.   Let your kids pick out what looks good to them, stick the whole thing in a semi-sunny spot and hope for the best.  You can always replant it!

Find inspiration and get those creative juices flowing with these Fairy Gardens on Pinterest:

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