Awareness, Cheerful, Warming

Yellow is the color of the sun, we find it uplifting and illuminating as it relates to the mind and intellect which is warming. This color resonates with the left logic side of the brain and inspires inquisitiveness. Yellow, one of the primary colors, is highly visible. Like all warm colors it advances to the eye and is easily noticeable.

The color yellow is cheerful and lifts spirits around the home. Many people like yellow in the kitchen, since it provides a brightening effect, while others use it in any small room to increase a sense of space. It is often used in children's rooms to promote happiness and liveliness. Yellow shines with optimism and will advance from surrounding colors in a home to also spark creative thoughts.

Used outside, yellow radiates and draws the eye. A narrow side yard or dim courtyard takes on a bright new look when it features flowers and plantings with yellow hues. Baskets, window boxes and containers with splashes of yellow flowers provide a friendly element.  Lemon trees, such as meyer lemon, grow in areas with full sunlight and make for a beautiful, fragrant natural yellow large shrub or small tree.

There are a multitude of yellow flowering plants and foliage to choose from, that can be planted at different times throughout the year. So if you want a cheery and vibrant essence added to your outdoor spaces, plant lots of yellow flowers and foliage.

Here at Living Expression Landscapes we love to help our clients choose plants that work best for them. We are happy to recommend yellow plants and flowers that will attract the eye, keeping your spirits high and work well in our area.

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