Water Features in Your Landscape

The introduction of a water feature in your landscape not only adds an interesting focal point, but becomes a psychologically relaxing and soothing element in your outdoor living space. Whether you create a straightforward fountain or a hidden spring, water changes the space it’s in.  So consider what kind of atmosphere you would like to create, and it's functionality for your lifestyle when choosing what type of water feature to incorporate into your landscape.

Here are a few examples of fountains and water features we can blend into your landscape design:

Planning is the key to any successful project.  To include moving water in your outdoor living space or landscape, consider the following:

*Carefully Select the Site:

  • Will it provide delightful sounds from your patio?  Or through the nighttime bedroom window?
  • Do you prefer to seclude it in a garden retreat or alcove, allowing a sense of mystery - "where is that water sound coming from?"
  • Would you like it to be the centerpiece focal point as you pull into your driveway?  Or perhaps showcased front and center in your backyard garden?


  • Will you have small children around?  Youngsters are naturally attracted to water and living creatures.  Plan for the safety of all visitors.
  • Will you want to include wildlife in your water feature, such as fish or attracting birds?
  • Water can mask traffic or noises beyond your haven - how loud do you want your water feature to be? 
  • Finally, How much do you want to spend for your water feature?  Your budget may determine what your water feature becomes, and if it is installed in phases.

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