Time to Plant Your Fall Veggies - Radishes and Green Beans

Living Expression Landscapes loves fall!  It's a great time of year to get your VEG on!  Of the many vegetables that flourish in fall, now is the time to plant Radishes and Green Beans if you are in Montgomery County, Texas. See Montgomery County Veggie Planting Guide for more details....

If you can get Fall Green Beans planted before the end of September then they are easy to grow and yield high quality crops during the cooler months of October and November.  In fact, most people will agree that the flavor of fall grown green beans, by far, surpasses the flavor of those grown in the Spring.  There are two types of green beans - Bush and Pole . Bush beans are more popular than pole types due to the fact that they mature quicker and produce a higher yield before the first killing frost.  In the bush bean type, some of the popular used varieties are TopCrop, Tendercrop, Contender, Blue Lake and Kentucky Wonder. In the pole type, the popular varieties are Greencrop and Romano.

Keep in mind that Fall beans sprout a bit slower than Spring-time beans since they are germinating in cooler temperatures.  Once you have planted the seeds, do not allow the soil to crust as this will result in low germination rates.  Lightly mulching over the seed row will prevent crusting and allow the soil to keep cool.  Green Beans are a crop that can also be grown in pots, which allows you to move them indoors during those periods of unexpected hard freezes in the fall.  This is a convenience that is hard to beat compared with veggies that have to be planted in the ground.

Radishes are another cool season crop that does not do well in the hot summer months.  Radishes are root vegetables and make a fresh, crispy treat in salads, garnishes and dips.  The leaves can be eaten too, especially when they are new and soft.  Radishes come in either a Red or White VarietySome recommended red varieties are Cherry Belle, Crunchy Red, Fuego and Red Devil.  Two recommended white varieties are Icicle and Round White. My personal favorite radish is the French Breakfast – very mild and tasty!

For this vegetable, a row 10 feet long is adequate for a family of four. Plant your radishes in cycles, some each week through mid-November to ensure a steady supply. They can be grown in a partial shade area of your yard, require very little room, and they mature quickly. Radishes need loose, well-drained soil to allow the roots to expand easily. Once again, be sure that the soil does not become crusty. Radishes need to be harvested when they are young and tender, if left in the ground too long, they harden, becoming hot tasting and stingy.

Be sure to keep a close check on both vegetables in your garden for insects and diseases.  Living Expression Landscapes recommends you use organic methods of insect control, but if necessary insecticides can help keep your crop free from critters.

Don't let the suggestions for good growing vegetables limit you in Montgomery County.  There are many kinds of new designer and also heirloom varieties of vegetables. I may be a plant geek, but I can't image anything more fun than harvesting purple speckled beans or green pointy cauliflower! Go online to places like www.gurneys.com, www.Johnnyseeds.com, www.eburgess.com (and there are many others) to see all the cool and exciting things you can grow!  Should you need a hand, give us a call. Happy Harvesting!

Master - Half of the Whole by Distant Hill Garden/CC BY
Master - Half of the Whole by Distant Hill Garden/CC BY