Garden Survival Checklist for Your Vacation

Going on vacation?  Instead of letting your vegetable garden and flowers wither away and die while you're on vacation, follow these simple steps and your plants will be happier when you return.

•  First, make sure that you irrigate your lawn and garden before you leave. If it hasn’t rained in the last couple of days, make sure to water the ground until it is moist to at least a depth of one inch.

•  If you have irrigation timers, set them to come on at least every third day. If you don’t have timers, you might ask your neighbor to come water the garden for you (or call Living Expression Landscapes to install an irrigation system).

•  Group containers plants together to make it easier to water.

•  Deadhead your roses and annual flowers before you leave. This will encourage them to produce blooms while you are away and look beautiful when you arrive home.

•  Weed and mulch your gardens. Weeds left unattended will take over within a week or two and become a burden to you later.  Mulching discourages weed growth, reduces soil temperature, and helps hold water in the soil.

•  Check for insects and diseases. If you find any unwanted insects or diseases on your plants, spray before you leave.  Insects left unchecked will multiply and have a feast in your garden, and diseases will become uncontrollable later.

•  Harvest any ripe or nearly ripe fruit and veggies (You can also ask a neighbor to harvest for you).  It is disheartening to come home and find rotten tomatoes and peppers still clinging to the vines.

•  Last, don’t forget your houseplants also need tending while you are away. If you can, move houseplants outdoors under a shade tree near an automated sprinkler.  If not, put them in a group in the bathtub.  Water them with two to three times the amount of water you would normally give. You can also fill thebathtub with 1 to 2   inches of water and let the plants soak it up while you are gone.

Landscaping by Living Expression Landscapes
Landscaping by Living Expression Landscapes

Enjoy your vacation, and make sure your plants enjoy it too!  Call Living Expression Landscapes if you would like an irrigation system installed, landscape maintenance, or even a new outdoor living space!  Summer is meant to be enjoyed, so let us do the hard work for you!