Crape Murder!

How to properly trim your Crape Myrtle Trees

It's time to start thinking about trimming your Crape Myrtles.  Mid to  end of February is the perfect time to do so and Living Expression Landscapes is here to make sure you don't murder them.  Crape murder is a common practice that can turn beautiful trees into ugly stumps. This occurs when someone hacks the tree down to the area right before the tree starts to branch out. 

Crape murder will stunt the tree's growth as well as shorten  or even stop the bloom cycle altogether!  Also, the tree will form a dense ball shape canopy, encouraging powdery mildew and other issues.  When properly trimmed, Crape Myrtles will have a beautiful structure to them and a vigorous bloom season.

Here are some ways to properly trim your Crape Myrtle:

  • Remove any suckers at the bottom of the main trunks.
  • Suckers will be anything but the main trunks. 
  • A Crape myrtle should have 3-4 trunks at max per tree.
  • By selectively removing a few of the central trunks, this will allow for better air circulation and light penetration.
  • Remove/ thin central and crossing branches.
  • No branches should be rubbing or touching each other.
  • Removing central branches will again increase air circulation and light penetration to create a healthier tree.
  • Trim off old blooms and weak branches.
  • By doing so this will encourage new, healthy growth in the spring and have more blooms.

These tips should help you to trim your Crape Myrtles properly, which creates a strong, healthy tree that looks absolutely beautiful all season long!  Together let's stop crape murder one tree at a time.  Living Expression Landscapes is here to help if need be,  just contact us anytime!