How Will You Grow Green in the New Year?

We can’t believe we’re already about to head into 2017!  As you reflect on the past twelve months and look forward to the next twelve, we hope you’ll think about your plans for your garden. What projects are on your list for the New Year?

Here are a few tips and some inspiration for your new plans:

  • Bookmark our blog for seasonal tips on the best plants to add to your garden, design ideas, landscape health tips and more. We’re blogging weekly about landscape design tips, low-maintenance garden plants and much more.
  • Add a water feature to your patio or garden beds. Contemporary or natural looking bubblers are a great way to add a focal point and the soothing sounds of moving water to your outdoor room. Bubblers can be created using pottery and even natural stones.
  • Think your space is too small for a landscape refresh or even a new design? Take your small patio from bare to the most comfortable relaxation spot in your home. Turn your side yard into a secret garden you’ll want to show off to the neighbors. We can transform even the smallest spaces into an outdoor room you can enjoy.  See our "Small Spaces" Gallery Page for inspiration...
  • Go water-wise in the New Year.  Replace any plants that use too much water with plants that, once established, have minimal watering needs. We’re lucky in Houston to have a wide variety of tough yet beautiful plants to choose from.
  • Add more edibles to your landscape. Many edibles are also beautiful ornamentals. By mixing edible herbs and vegetables into your landscape beds, you’ll not only make better use of your garden space, but also be rewarded with a natural harvest. Grow your garden beautiful and delicious!
  • Improve the health of your lawn and garden by improving the health of your soil. Healthy soil full of microorganisms and nutrients will help build healthier roots and healthier plants. By working on building up the health of your soil, your landscape and lawn will be better able to resist pests and diseases and survive periods of dry weather.  Plus there's an added benefit to working outside and getting your hands dirty:  It's a natural anti-depressant!

No matter what outdoor projects you decide to work on this coming year, we hope you’ll let us be a part of it! Contact us for a consultation. Let’s turn your dream landscape into a reality. In the meantime, keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for continued education and inspiration.

We want to say Thank You to all of our customers.  Perhaps we maintain your landscape for you on a regular basis, or helped you design a new garden renovation. Whatever the work we do for you, we’re honored to do it!  We hope you’ve enjoyed our expanding blog and we look forward to helping you learn more about your landscape in the New Year.