Encourage Flower Growth by Pruning

A lot of people already know about this helpful gardening trick, but this is for those who don't.  If you have beautiful flowering plants, bushes, and trees in your yard, and you wish to promote new growth and extend it's bloom cycle, then remove the flower when you see it wilting and losing its color.  This process of pruning flowering bushes, plants, and trees is often referred to as "deadheading" (removing the flowering parts as they die).  The plant realizes that it did not produce any seeds from that flower and starts another bloom.  This quick trick works on everything from Crape Myrtles to Rose bushes, and you can keep doing it almost all summer! 

However, there are many new cultivars of annuals do not need deadheading; they are "self-pruning" because the old booms fall off before seeds set.  Ask your local nursery or call us for suggestions regarding these "self-pruning" plants.

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