Chic Gardening Tricks!

Hanging Garden Using Shower Caddy

A clever way to give your garden a little more aesthetic life and unique personality is to create a tiered planting garden using a shower caddy!  Simply find tiny planters or pots that will fit nicely into your shower caddy.  Tall plants should be placed in the top tier and hanging plants should be placed on the bottom for a vine-effect.

Wine Bottle Turned Plant Waterer

If your plants have a habit of drying out (especially during the summer months), using a slow-drip irrigation system, like those we install, may be helpful for their survival and growth. 

Or you can keep them hydrated with a simple DIY plant waterer made from a glass bottle.  Wine bottles will hold the most water, but if you have a smaller pot, you can use smaller bottles, like an old-fashioned soda bottle or a sauce bottle for example.

It's as simple as filling up the wine bottle with water, poking a hole in the cap or the cork with a nail and hammer or a drill, replacing the cap/cork and sticking the entire contraption upside down into a planter.  Water will seep into the dirt gradually and keep your plants sated without drowning them.  Make sure you water your plants thoroughly first.  If the soil is too dry, the water in your bottle will empty too quickly.

Tip: *Make a 2 inch deep hole in the soil where you want the bottle to go to avoid soil getting forced into bottle and creating a clog

*Instead of using the original cork or cap, consider getting a terra cotta or plastic plant stake for your glass bottle waterer.  They are shaped like cones, and are made for wine bottle plant waterers. You can find them in nurseries or in the garden section of a home improvement store. Stick the stake into the soil, and place the wine bottle down into it.  You may also find these plant stakes labeled as "Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes."  Using a watering stake on the end also acts as a durable stem that helps balance the weight of the glass bottle.

Decorative Garden Stones

Garden rocks and stones add a nice accent to any garden.  Using sharpie or acrylic paint, decorate and draw the name of your herb or flowers on the face of the stone.  Then, place them in a visually appealing place of your choice.  What a personalized, trendy touch to your outdoor space!


Hanging Herb Garden

Run out of room in your garden on the ground?  No worries!  Fill the pockets of a shoe organizer with soil and plant your desired herbs!  Wait a few weeks and you will have a vertical herb garden!  Don't know which herbs to plant?  We have several helpful blogs on growing herbs in Texas, just click here.


Wood Pallet Flower Garden

Reuse old wooden pallets as either vertical or horizontal gardens!  Wood pallets are easy to come by, just ask someone who is no longer using them, or visit your local Home Depot for cheap pallets.  Scrub the pallet down with bleach and take out any rusty nails.  Then, fill the pallets with dirt and plant accordingly!




Moss Graffiti

Moss graffiti is an eco-friendly, trendy new way to express artistic wall art.  You need some clumps of moss, two cups of buttermilk or yogurt, the same amount of water, half a teaspoon of sugar and a paintbrush.  Make sure you collect moss that has been growing on a sidewalk or walls because moss that grows on trees will not adapt well to cement.  Wash the moss, break into smaller pieces and then mix with all the ingredients.  Use a paint brush to create your graffiti art, then watch it grow!

Click Here for Detailed Step-By-Step Moss Graffiti Instructions


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