How to get the most out of your mixed containers

When space is limited, container gardening is a great alternative to traditional gardening. Then the decision of flowers for aesthetics or vegetables for purpose… well why not use both! Not only will mixing vegetables and flowers take care of space issues, it will give your patio a look that will WOW everyone. With the combination of flowers and vegetables, each plant having different sizes, textures and colors - your container will look great and taste even better. 

Container gardening has lots of benefits associated with it. From an apartment all the way to the biggest estates, anyone can have a container garden. Using a multitude of vessels as containers, not just traditional pots, can allow gardeners to have their own style and be more customized. Whether you prefer ceramic pots or would rather re-purpose an old bucket, bathtub, or chair as a container - the sky’s the limit. Ease and convenience are also a big bonus to gardening in containers. Having plants in containers on your porch allows for easier watering and access for harvesting.  Container gardening is perfect for all types of gardeners; beginner, kids, and even avid gardeners can all profit from the ease and confidence that container gardening can provide.

Stunning looks are just one reason to combine flowers and vegetables together in fall container gardens. Putting flowers in the same container will attract beneficial insects and pollinators needed for vegetables to have maximum production. Since the flowers that vegetables produce can lack that attractive quality the pollinators look for, adding flowering annuals along with them will increase the pollination rate of that vegetable. Not only will they attract pollinators, but also beneficials such as; ladybugs, lacewings, and praying mantis that will help patrol for the harmful insects.

 Living Expression Landscapes can help pick and design the perfect mixed container for your home in any season. This will give you fresh herbs and vegetables all year long with the added bonus of gorgeous flowers. Container gardening allows you to cover or bring plants to a protected area if the weather gets too cold for a specific crop. With our help selecting the proper mix of cool season flowers and vegetables, you can have the success you never thought possible in the fall.

When picking container vegetables, we look for dwarf varieties that are made for patio gardening. Popular fall vegetables include -- fall tomatoes, spinach, Swiss chard, squash, salad greens, peas, onions, and garlic. Good fall annuals that will make a great addition to any of the vegetables include; pansies, marigolds, geraniums, petunias, snapdragons, zinnias, and begonias. When we prepare your container gardens we will maintain the design basics by using a thriller (the tall “standout” plant), filler (a plant with a medium growth pattern), and the spiller (a trailing plant). Also, keep in mind that containers will need a bit more water and fertilization than in a flower bed since there is more drainage.

Living Expression Landscapes can install a drip irrigation system for you so that watering is not forgotten and less time consuming. Mixed vegetable and annual container gardening will ensure a successful garden full of color and functionality. With these elements in place we will help you to have an amazing harvest all year long.