RED: Passion, Action, Energy

Red is one of the primary colors. It's the most emotionally intense and has more personal associations than any other color.  Red stands out and commands attention, is energizing and represents anything from danger to romance.  There are many hues like violet-red or orange-red, and for each hue there are varieties of shades and tints, from light pink to maroon.

In the garden, red can play a major role in a design scheme.  The color red is powerful and mighty, giving your outdoor space a personality depending on placement and the shades of red you choose.  A tinge of red will draw attention to certain areas and create warmth.  Besides roses, there are many scarlet and crimson hued plants, like amaryllis or bottle brush, which add distinction to your landscapes.  A single red-flower or red-leaf accents stand out among green foliage, which is its complementary color.

Here at Living Expression Landscapes we can help you with the placement plants choices of red in your landscape, giving your outdoor space the effect you want to exude. Think of all the red associations and where this color rates with you.  Get bold, put some vitality in to your outdoor space and enhance your curb appeal with red!