Spring is Coming Fast! Are You Ready?

Getting Your Yard and Garden Ready for Spring

We are approaching our favorite and most colorful time of the year… Spring... It is time to think about your lawn, plants and garden. Here’s a simple “plan of attack” to get you going!

Make a Plan

  •  Set Goals
  •  Vegetable Garden? 
  •  New containers?
  •  Do perennials need dividing?

Get Your Garden Tools Ready

  • Linseed oil on all wooden handles
  • Sharpen all blades, including mowers
  • Use paint thinner to wipe off metal of pruners and tool, wipe dry with separate cloth
  • Get an oil like WD-40 to then wipe down the same metal areas, this will prevent rust

Service Your Lawnmower

  •  Small engine repair shops are less busy during these early months
  • Change-out gas/oil; check parts in good working condition
  •  Sharpen blades

Remove Winter-Worn Foliage & Weeds, Prune & Fertilize

  •  Removing the winter-worn foliage should be done in February
  •  Trim off dead ends and broken branches 
  •  Pull any overgrown weeds that have been growing up all winter to prepare your garden
  •  Prune Your Shrubs (February is the best time to do this!), But do not prune any shrubs that area bout to bloom! You will lose all the flowers they have been working so hard to produce.
  •  Once this is done you can add compost and/or a slow release fertilizer while you turn over the soil to help your plants grow nice and strong come spring

  Test Irrigation System

  •  Make sure all zones have full coverage of plants and turf
  •  Water should overlap where they meet
  •  Make sure the heads are spraying properly and aren’t damaged

  Put Out Mulch

  • Mulching every year is very important.
  • Helps with moisture control and acts as a weed barrier, among many other great reasons (read more here).
  • Aesthetically helps your yard have a cleaner, finished look.

Start Seeds Indoors

  • Middle to end of February is a good time to start seeds.
  • This is a more cost effective way to start your vegetable garden .
  • Also allows you to have a larger assortment of plant varieties (i.e. tomatoes including ‘cherry’, ‘celebrity’ and ‘early girl’ varieties).
  • For a Detailed Vegetable Planting Guide for our Houston-area zone click here

If you keep up maintenance throughout the season then it will make it easier for the next seasons.  Now you are stage to go forward with how you want your plants and garden to cultivate!

Here at Living Expression Landscapes we love to see healthy, beautiful yards and gardens.  If you need assistance making these improvements, then we can help make this all happen.  Check out our gallery pages to see for yourself!